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Bookwise & Co aims to work with high standards serving as a complete accounting and consulting business and protecting clients’ interests.

We have one and only target — to give you a professional and efficient service while it is easy and fun for you!

Our goal is to show flexibility and apply personal approach to each client, optimizing the efficiency of their time, finances and tax obligations.

Bookwise & Co has become a financial service provider for local and international companies of all types.


    About us    

We have a dynamic team and our company has personal approach concept in mind. That holds true to everything we do, to accounting service as well as to start-up service.  


In today’s world, an accountant needs continually expand their knowledge, keep up with the latest industry insights, and be able to share their knowledge with people looking for financial advice. The same is true with your startup. You need to constantly keep up with accounting best practices to help your business grow financially.


Our team

We have a team-based approach. Each member at Bookwise & Co has a wealth of experience, specialized knowledge, and most importantly degreed education. No matter what you need, we have a someone who can help you.


Tarvo Silivask
Accounting Consultant

Our stabile anchor whose knowledge has brought many into a success.

He is by far not only that, whatever project Tarvo intakes, will be done with precise touch, gourmet food and good photography,

handyman-fix and growing plants, just name it, he’s got it. He sings and advices boards. What else one wants?

Carmen Truusa
Accounting Consultant

Bookwise termostat. When she’s happy, we are all happy.

Made of 100% catlove and 100% of family-love, altogether 200% of charming and witty person.

Her professional persistency in taxation and accounting details makes ordinary people dizzy.  

She loves it. That explains it all.

Anneli Karja
Junior Accountant

A latest found addition to our team – a pure pearl.

When she is not throwing herself completely and utterly, with heart and soul into the

depths of accounting job details, she loves outdoor life with her Golder Retriever (starring

in our photos too) cheering and following the WRC - rally business with loved ones.

Silvia Strauss

Hostess of the House for communication and completion. Somewhat omnipresent person who takes care of her entourage. Oh and for the personal note: she loves vintage and concept of royalness. 



We will help you to start and run a business in Sweden, followed by complete and personal accounting service.


Special offer

For our new accounting clients we offer first six months discounted hourly price. Give both of us a chance. Inquire more.

Tax & declaration

We help you with VAT declaration, income declaration, salary declaration (AGI), EU sales declaration.

Annual report

Annual reports preparations for corporations with or without appointed auditors.

Ready made company

Ready made companies, with paid in shares capital, available for immediate purchase.


The decision of whether to buy a ready made company or form a brand new one may be influenced by a number of factors - lets discuss them.


Salary services

We carry out all tasks in the field of payroll administration, pension, HR, and taxes in compliance with Swedish law and regulations.

Corporate services

Part of our specialization is in helping foreign individuals and companies to establish businesses in Sweden. AB, Sole Trader, Permanent Establishment for Foreign Company, Filial etc. We will together come to a best solution of the establishment form that suits the clients situation best. 

Regular accounting

Wide range of accounting services. Tell us what you need, and we’ll adjust to that. Either you need us to completely manage your accounting or you wish to be in charge and we’ll assist you. Our client decides the course, based on it’s needs.

Tax planning

Our tax experts offer your company an insight into tax planning.


    Why us?    

What makes us unique, why choose us? Here are seven reasons why us:


We really enjoy our work and work satisfaction is one of the goal principles for us. We want to enjoy what we do.


We want to be involved in your everyday work and deliver services continuously.


Our goal is to build long-term relationships. Getting to know each other, building strong relationships, is very valuable, everyone wins.


Your accountant is yours. That means you will meet the same consultant and get a partner who really knows you and your business. 


When you contact us, you will get a reply within 24 hours. We may not have the solution to your question immediately, but a contact is established, and your case is handled as expeditiously as possible.


We work closely and personally with clients.


We develop together with the customer. We wish that you understand that we have your best interests at heart. If business goes well for you, that’s good for us.


Feedback from our clients
"I have had a great experience with Silvia and further staff members at Bookwise. They helped me set up my AB, they were patient and clear communicators. I will be using their accounting services moving forward."
- Mike W, Recruiting tech and professionals across Europe
"It might be easy to find a smart specialist in today's world full of knowledge possibilities, but it is not so often to find a professional who is not only wise but as well have the right personal attitude.  They have all the necessary skill set in order to deliver a professional approach and all this is combined with a can-do attitude and a very pleasant personality."
- Sandra P, Co-founder of Consultwise
"Smidig, enkel, personlig!
Helt rimliga priser."

- Henri S, Project Lead at Selah Via


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111 52 Stockholm



+46 73 - 564 36 12

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