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INK1 updates from Skatteverket

This is a Swedish Tax Agency’s notification about INK1 - Private Income Declarations for year 2020.

Skatteverket have started to send out Income Declarations for private persons from March 4th via digital postal box (myndighetspost) for those who have signed up for this and from the 15th of March via usual paper form.

The declaration service itself opens on the 16th of March. That means those who accept the pre-filled information on the declaration form and do not wish to change anything, can easily confirm and send it in. If the declaration is confirmed by latest 30th of March, the tax returns (if any) can be expected to the bank account already by the 7th-9th of April.

Final deadline to send in declarations is 3rd of May.

All above information is for Sole Traders (Enskilda Firma) aswell.

It is important to know that if the declaration is, for any reason (real estate matters, shares, funds purchase or sale) more complicated this year and you need additional time to fill it, it is possible to ask for an extension of deadline until 1st of June and as an accounting firm (representation) up to 15th of June.

Failure to send in declaration or notice of extension results in late fee.

Good to keep in mind that Limited companies (Aktiebolag) and Limited Partneship (Handelsbolag) have different deadline and rules.

Please contact us if anything is unclear, we'll answer gladly to your questions.


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