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Redevelopment Support from Swedish Government

A new redevelopment support is available from Swedish Government to those companies who have had drastic sales loss during March and April 2020, due to corona-pandemic.

Support is available to apply for from 22 of June until 31 of August via Skatteverket.

Who is eligible?

All companies who have F-skatt registration are welcome to apply for support. Companies who have tax related or other debts in Kronofogden are not eligible.

Further and most importantly, to be able to apply a company must have reported a net sales turnover minimum of 250 000 during the last financial year.

Net sales should have reduced at least 30 % during March and April 2020 when comparing with March and April 2019. Reducing cause has to be covid-pandemic related.

What kind of sales turnover is counted in?

Sold goods and services that are the usual part of company’s daily operations.

How much is the support in numbers?

It depends how much the company’s sales have reduced during the above mentioned period. Minimum support given in 5000kr and maximum is 150 Mkr.

Additionally, if the given support is at least 100 000kr, there is possibility to get an economical aid for administrative costs up to 10 000kr.

Please contact us for more info.


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