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Growth-support extension for companies

Our government has approved a proposed temporary regulation to lower employer taxes for two employees (previously was this approved for one and first employee per company), a so called “growth-support” program.

Lowered employer taxes are relevant to employments that start 1st of July 2021 until 31st of December 2022. As before, this is for companies that are employing their first or now second employee.

Additional conditions to be eligible to qualify for this support are:

Company must be qualified as so called “växa-företag” – “growing company”;

New employee cannot be a family member;

New employment must be an employment with so called qualifying period and at least 3 months long, with 20 hr per week;

Company must be either a Sole Trader or Limited Company with one-man engagement (same with Handelsbolag and Kommanditbolag with highest two companions);

Growth-support applies for 24 consecutive months in a row as a maximum period.

Other conditions may apply for your company, please contact us for more information.


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